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LESLIE reunites with her estranged childhood friend, BRY, after their transition on a scenic hike in Los Angeles.

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Against the breathtaking backdrop of Fryman Canyon, estranged childhood friends Leslie and Bry reunite on a hike, using the scenic journey as a canvas for love, self-discovery, and second chances. The physical challenges of the trail mirror their internal struggles, fostering vulnerability and reflection amidst Bry’s transition.

As they ascend to an emotional peak, the unspoken revelation becomes more palpable, the trail serving as a metaphor for healing and growth. This poignant tale explores how revisiting the past can lead to unexpected futures filled with love and acceptance.

Nestled in the heart of Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, Fryman Canyon is the perfect backdrop for "Moment x Moment." The predominantly flat trails will streamline our production, ensuring a smooth experience for our modest-sized team. 


The natural beauty of Fryman Canyon effortlessly mirrored the envisioned essence of our film. The scenic trails and captivating landscapes of Laurel Canyon are not just a setting; they're a vital collaborator, enriching our visual narrative and enhancing the authenticity of "Moment x Moment."

tone & style

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The “will they, won’t they?” trope can be seen in some of the greatest romance films, like "Before Sunset" and "When Harry Met Sally," but most are heteronormative. As a queer hopeless romantic, I can’t stand by while my peers are lacking romance films that celebrate love of all kinds.


As the director of "Moment x Moment," my creative vision is rooted in authentic storytelling that breaks traditional boundaries. As a trans filmmaker, I bring a unique perspective often overlooked in mainstream cinema. The film is a celebration of joy, life, and queer love.


My approach focuses on universal character development, moving beyond common narratives of struggle in trans and queer stories. "Moment x Moment" deliberately departs from expectations, offering a fresh perspective on life and relationships. The visual language emphasizes the emotive impact of cinematography, chosen meticulously for an immersive audience experience. It's a heartfelt exploration, capturing life's intricacies in a compelling and relatable way.

- mel pellicano

Photo by Rielle Oase


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