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Mel (Melissa) Pellicano (they/them)

With a BA in Cinema Production and over 10 years of experience in film production, Mel Pellicano has worked on a wide range of projects, from short films to long and short-form content.

Mel collaborated with local creatives to produce and edit videos that highlight the diverse and vibrant arts communities in their hometown of Richmond. Their work with Richmond City Media also led them to host three film festivals and produce short film such as: COFFEE & SISTERS, THE LETTER J, and THE NOTHING..

Mel's skills extend beyond directing and editing, having also worked as a camera operator for major media outlets such as HuffPost, A Plus, and Inside Edition. They also served as the digital studio manager for Inside Edition, overseeing the production of THE BREAKDOWN's video content.

With their diverse experience and passion for storytelling, Mel Pellicano is a talented and versatile filmmaker ready to take on any challenge.

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